Gaping holes in these election signs make it tough to know who's "experienced, energetic, enthusiastic and working to be re-elected" like the words still left on the poster suggest.

"I say it's costly craziness," according to Judith Jacobs, Nassau County Legislator.

The costly craziness has hit her hard. It's her name that once filled the holes in each poster.

Another democratic candidate, Eva Pearson, is also dealing with the same situation, and with the November 8th election looming near, Jacobs says the stealing and vandalizing needs to stop.

"Number one, they stole four to five signs, then they went around and defecated for or five more," Jacobs said.

But no Republican signs were even touched, bringing up the question, who's behind it all?

"I don't know who's doing it. I'm not going to point a finger, but quite honestly the Democratic signs, especially mine, were defecated, stolen, destroyed," Jacobs added.

Republican candidates have released statements saying it's an unfortunate attack, but Democrats are the ones left guessing, and out a lot of money with each sign costing about $200. Police say when it's all added up, it's a $1,400 loss, which means if the person or people who did the stealing and vandalism are caught, they will face grand larceny charges.