The senseless, bloody butchering of Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletsky shook our city to the core. How could this happen?

Friday's New York Daily News has an exclusive interview with confessed child killer Levi Aron and now we get a look into the mind of the 35-year-old. Reporter Reuven Blau talked to Aron for an hour at Riker's Island.

The News says the arguably most hated man in New York had a hard time opening up about the day he admits to doing the unthinkable to little Leiby, drugging him, suffocating him and chopping up his body, saying, "It hurts too much to think about it."

During the interview, Aron never once said the 8-year-old's name. In what can only be described as a chilling understatement, he referred to the killing as "the incident."

Why did he take Leiby in the first place? Why did he kill him? Aron said, "He looked familiar. I thought I knew him."

A psychiatrist declared Aron fit to stand trial recently, although he was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder, and a personality disorder. At Riker's, Aron told Blau, "I sometimes hear voices."

And when questioned more about the cold-blooded killing, Aron explained, "I remember little things." and "I don't know what happened, I just panicked."

The reporter asked Aron several times if he wanted to apologize, mostly he looked away, and didn't say anything. Pressed again, he nodded his head, but he never uttered the words, "I'm sorry."