Kristin Davis, the convicted madam who claims she provided Eliot Spitzer with prostitutes, ran through a lot of body paint at her first political fundraiser. The one-time queen of Manhattan escorts went heavy on the lingerie as well - all an effort to raise cash for her gubernatorial bid.

The former flesh peddler is running to fill Spitzer's old seat on what she calls a "pro-freedom" platform, pushing for the legalization of marijuana, prostitution and gay marriage.

"Legalization of prostitution and marijuana would bring New York $3 billion in new revenue," said Davis as she greeted guests Thursday outside the Taj Nightclub on W. 21st St. "That's a third of our deficit."

To raise campaign cash, Davis auctioned off a dinner with a nude model from Penthouse magazine.

She estimated the event raised $15,000, a pittance compared to the war chest held by Andrew Cuomo, who's presumed to enter the race on the Democratic ticket.

So does the former hedge fund manager, turned madam, turned politician really think she has a shot at political success?

"I may take the Libertarian nomination. I may start my own party. Sometimes winning doesn't have to be 'the race'. It could be getting that [new] party permanent ballot status."

Instead of handing out campaign literature at the Thursday fundraiser, Davis opted to hire go-go dancers wearing her name in body paint.

"We're not trying to disguise who I am," said the former madam. "Not like every other dirty politician out there."