New York Governor David Paterson vows to serve out his last 306 days in office despite calls for his resignation.

Gov. Paterson spoke at a breakfast forum Monday morning claiming that he still has the authority to govern and will continue to do so amid a push for his ousting over a state police scandal and other issues.

"I'm the governor," he told a panel at the New York Observer Breakfast Series event in Manhattan. "That's why you invited me."

Last week, Gov. Paterson ended his campaign for full-term election in hopes of avoiding questions about whether his actions as governor were motivated by his desire to raise his poll numbers and win the race.

Paterson said abandoning his campaign frees him to govern and address a deficit of more than $8 billion in the upcoming state budget.

"I can make decisions and I won't have to hear a robotic response from the Legislature that 'he's doing this for politics, he's doing this to get his poll numbers up, he's running against the Legislature because we're more unpopular than he is,"' Paterson said.

An investigation is currently underway by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo regarding whether Paterson and his security personnel illegally contacted a woman involved in a domestic violence case with one of the governor's top aides.