Three City Council Members are looking to legalize double parking and are slated to introduce a bill that would allow drivers to double park if they're waiting for a spot or dropping off or picking up passengers.

Micheal O'Keefe, of Bay Ridge, told PIX 11 News the ticket agents in his neighborhood are ruthless.

"Have a little heart especially for the elderly," said O'Keefe, a Korean Vet who takes his wife of 43 years to dialysis once a week.

O'Keefe claims he was bombarded by ticket agents the other day when he was helping his wife into the car.

"It was eight seconds," explains O'Keefe. "I got a ticket...'I said what are you wife is disabled.' They were very nasty to me!"

Council Member Vincent Gentile.said tickets agents are showing no respect and insists it comes to an end quickly.

"People are angry....we hear about it all the time," said Gentile.

Gentile is proposing a new bill -- along with Council Member Peter Vallone Jr. and David Greenfield -- that would allow double parking for people, like O'Keefe, if drivers are picking up passengers or waiting for a space.

People in Bay Ridge feel like they are being unfairly targeted by ticket agents. Some told PIX 11 News they look away for just moment and suddenly there is a $115 ticket on their windshield.

It's not just Brooklyn -- it's all over the city -- even in Astoria, Queens.

A measure passed last year, allowing a five-minute grace period at expired parking meters. Mayor Blooomberg vetoed that bill, however the City Council overrode him.

"If he says no to this issue again then we will go to real New Yorkers and use that momentum to push this bill forward," said Gentile.

Mayor Bloomberg spoke on the issue at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

"We don't have a gotcha mentality. We try to enforce the law," said Mayor Bloomberg. "The purpose of giving out tickets is to enforce the law."