A 10-block radius of Nostrand Avenue in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn was shut down by New York City police Tuesday as part of a large-scale drug bust.

Authorities -- including the NYPD and the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office -- began raiding stores around 12:30 p.m.

PIX News was on the scene and captured exclusive video of authorities as they targeted up to a dozen stores -- including take-out restaurants, a clothing store, and a bodega -- where employees allegedly sold marijuana. In one case, a suspect was reportedly selling cocaine out of a deli.

Eight people were arrested on charges of selling drugs out of the storefronts. According to police, as many as 400 people a week -- including underage children -- were buying illegal drugs out of the raided locations.

Officials says in most cases, the owners were unaware their employees were dealing illegal drugs.

The raids are reportedly the result of an ongoing probe into illegal drug sales taking place on Nostrand Avenue. Members of the community alerted officials and the District Attorney's Office.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says the city plans to shut down the raided businesses.