"Weinergate" has finally taken its toll on Representative Anthony Weiner.  The New York Congressman stepped down Thursday, three weeks after sending the first lewd photo on Twitter.

When you're caught in a political scandal, there's a simple five step plan.  Analyst Jeff Crouere explains.  "First it hits the news, then the politician denies it.  Then when the evidence mounts he comes forward to admit it, ask for an apology and then seek treatment."  If that doesn't work, the politician steps down.  As women involved in Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal joined the growing number of voices asking him to quit, those on the streets of New Orleans seemed to agree.

Cathleen Forte says, "He just needs to put it back in his pants and relax!  He's just making a complete fool of himself!"

Scott Nyquist tells us, "Certainly he's violated probably the number one rule that any politician should have and that is the public trust and when the public no longer trusts you to represent them it’s time for you to step aside."

Those folks are out-of-towners.  Ask the locals and it really didn't seem so bad.  Ian Goldenberg explains, "My opinion of it is that this is maybe 1/10th or maybe even 1% as bad as what someone like David Vitter has done."

Oh, David Vitter…our U.S. Senator who got caught in a scandal of his own.  It wasn't all that long ago Vitter was apologizing for his "sins."  However, he came out clean.  So what's the difference?

"By the time it finally hit the news," according to Crouere, "it had happened years before so he had already alerted his family, he had already worked it out with his kids and so forth, so they weren’t caught off guard by what he did."  And, of course…there were no scandalous, half naked pictures!

What’s so big about a Weiner anyway!?  When you’re in the middle of a political scandal and it happens to be your last name, you might want to think about changing it!  Crouere tells us, "He's always made fun of his name but now the comedians are having a field day with this guy and I think he’s gotta realize that magnifies the scandal big time when you have a name like Wiener!"

Now that Weiner's out of office, he could drop his last name like Madonna, or take a cue from Prince and be the Man Formerly Known as Weiner.  He could just get it over with and go by Oscar Mayer!  With a baby on the way, a name change might not be a bad idea.