A pair of Tulane students are trying to help a seriously injured Green Wave football player by marketing T-shirts and wristbands with the players name and jersey number on them.
Devon Walker suffered a cervical fracture during the September 8th Tulane-Tulsa game.
Seniors Brad Girson and Jesse Schwartz got their first look at the t-shirts Wednesday night, hot off the press at Purple Monkey Design, “We were brainstorming over the weekend, what we could do as two seniors at Tulane to benefit Walker and his family because we knew the road ahead was going to be tough.”
Since Girson and Schwartz started their own clothing line as sophomores, they figured it's best to go with what they know,” We didn't know him (Walker) but anything we can do to help his family we will do. We just want to get the shirts out as quickly as possible, so that we can start selling them right away.”
All net proceeds from the sales of T-shirts and wristbands will go to a fund established specifically for Walker, “The Devon Walker fund. Yes. And we hope to generate about $10,000 this coming weekend.”
Girson and Schwartz say the first batch of 750 Devon Walker T-shirts and wristbands will go on sale Friday. “Tulane does such a great job of rallying the community. New Orleans does as well. When we look up into the crowd during the Ole Miss game on September 22nd, we hope to see a whiteout of just Devon Walker shirts.”
Devon Walker T-shirts are $20 and come with the free wristband.
Wristbands can also be purchased separately for $5 each.
They will be sold on campus for the first time Friday at the LBC quad from 10 a.m. to 6:00 pm.
A campus rally for Walker is planned for Friday at 6:30 pm.
T-shirts can be reserved early to be picked up at the LBC quad on Friday by going to: http://tulane.edu/devonwalker/index.cfm