Suspended Saints coach Sean Payton played a round of golf during the Zurich Pro-Am Wednesday. He'll probably have more time to play golf over the next 12 months, but not as much as you might think.

Payton says he will coach during the upcoming football season; he'll coach is soon-to-be 13-year-old son Connor's football team in Texas.

"There are lot of things I am looking forward to doing, and a lot of that starts with your own children," Payton said.

Payton responded to this week's ESPN report accusing Saints GM Mickey Loomis of eavesdropping on opposing teams' coaches headset conversations during three seasons prior to Hurricane Katrina. Payton called the report, "Garbage."

Over a week ago, Payton began serving a one year suspension connected to the Saints' bounty case. During his suspension, Payton must report any contact with team personnel. He added he's already bumped into a player at a restaurant and had to report it to the league.

Payton said he misses his contact with the team more than the Xs and Os of football. "From a personal standpoint it`s the friendships you have with your co-workers and your players. I think that is a bigger adjustment than that professional penalty."

Payton says he's overwhelmed by the show of support he's receiving from Saints fans since his suspension from the team. During his time at the TPC Wednesday, he signed hundreds of autographs for fans.

Payton has been cleared by the NFL to play in next month's Saints Hall of Fame Golf Tournament.