One more way to stay prepared for hurricane season is by micro chipping your pet.
“We remember all the animals after Katrina that were separated from their owners,” says the director of St. Tammany Parish Animal Services Melissa Piwetz. “We went into a lot of neighborhoods after Katrina and rescued hundreds of pets and I would say 90% of those had no identification. No collar. No microchip. Nothing.”
St Tammany Parish Animal Services will microchip dogs and cats for free on Saturday so pets can be reunited with owners if a hurricane separates them.
Micro chipping pets is the only form of permanent identification.
“This little microchip is about the size of a grain of rice,” says Piwetz. “The chip is inserted just between the shoulder blades.”
Piwetz says about 90% of dogs and cats brought to the shelter are still without microchips, “It`s usually around $20-$25 dollars to have an animal chipped. It is free Saturday to citizens of St. Tammany Parish. We will microchip up to four animals per household.”
The entire procedure only takes a few seconds.
It`s vital owners keep contact information up-to-date in the universal micro chipping data base.
The microchips are funded entirely by the St. Tammany Parish Department of Animal Services.
The free pet microchip clinic goes Saturday (June 2nd) from 10 am to 3pm.
Proof of residency is required.