When it comes to skin, hair and makeup, beauty experts say there are things we can do to take 10 years off our look, and things that we can do that can make us look much older than our actual age.

First, let’s start with the skin. Whenever I interview a dermatologist, I want to ask them what they use on their skin at night.  After all, they are dermatologists, and usually have access to the latest and greatest when it comes to skin care. Hands down, the most popular response I get is that they use a retinoid at night. 

Included in the Retinoid family, is everything from the tried and true Retin-A - that’s also a popular RX for those with acne - to the New Orleans favorite “Green Cream” and stronger RX versions like Tazorac (which I use on my skin almost every night - the .1% cream formulation). 

Other creamier formulations that the derms love for those who have trouble tolerating RX Retinoids include Renova and one of the newer formulations called Refissa. Dr. Patricia Farris says these two in particular are great for older women with dry skin who want the power of an RX product, without the more drying side effects from some of the formulations like Retin-A. 

There are also a lot of good over the counter Retinoids, which you will see labeled as Retinol.  While these aren’t as powerful as the RX versions, docs say they can still produce results if used properly, and of course like all Retinoids, in conjunction with a good broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30. 

It’s a great idea to see a dermatologist who can examine your skin and help you develop the best skin care regime for your particular skin type.  Bottom line though, they say Retinoids are usually the best way to reverse the damage, renew skin cells, and turn back time while you sleep. And they say Retinoids have a lot of great science behind them to prove that they actually do something.  So anti-aging tip #1: Make sure you are rejuvenating your skin while you sleep with a good product that’s proven to actually work!

Next stop---The Lips!

Makeup Artist Robert Hudson says one of the biggest mistakes women make as they age is to apply liner that’s too dark, which ends up making the lips look smaller, older, and accentuates lines around the lip. Instead, he says invest in a good liner that matches the color of your lip color. 

Also, never apply lipstick directly from the tube. Too much product goes on the lip, and the look is never as natural as it is if you use a good brush to apply your color. Same goes with the gloss.  Try applying a little gloss on the lower lip also using a brush. This will give the illusion that the lips are fuller and younger looking.

And my favorite tip that I’ve now adopted when putting on lip liner: dab a little translucent powder using another lip brush just outside the liner, creating an invisible border around the lips, which Robert says acts as a barrier and seal to prevent lipstick and liner from bleeding into lines.  This is a great way to seal in your smile, especially in our brutal heat and humidity, and keep your lips looking beautiful and line-free all day long!

Next stop---The Hair!

I know from experience that getting the right color highlights can be quite a chore, especially if you’re blonde.  Hair Stylist Albert Brown says a common mistake women make is going too orange or yellow, and putting color on their hair that doesn’t match their skin tone, which can unnecessarily age us. 

Albert says ask your stylists about trying out temporary clip in extensions with different colors to see what works and what doesn’t before making that permanent color commitment.  As we age, Albert says it’s important to have a cut and color that softens the face and your overall look.

Finally---The eyes!

Dark circles under the eyes. It’s one of the toughest things to get rid of and camouflage as we age.  One of Robert’s favorite products, that worked great on our makeover candidate Karen, is Keromask, a product that’s made in France that he says contains paraffin which helps to act as a de-puffing agent.  It also works as a great, overall coverage base (especially if you have rosacea or spots you want to cover), and a little definitely goes a long way with this product.  If you try to use it like a regular base, you will probably not be pleased with the results. Trust me. I’ve done it.  It takes just a tiny dab (which is great because it lasts forever) and this product needs to be applied with a good makeup brush. As you can see in our story, Robert applies a small dab on a palette, and lightly dabs his brush into the cream, blends a bit, and then lightly applies under the eyes. 

He says the biggest mistake we make as we age is applying concealer that’s too white, making us - and these are his words- look like a bad soap opera actress.  Under eye concealer should match the skin tone, and should be light enough so it doesn’t give the eyes a cakey look that can actually end up emphasizing under eye lines.

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