Time waits for no man...not even for guys like Senator David Vitter who's got a busy schedule.

Accodring to political publication Roll Call, Vitter blew a gasket last week at Washington DC's Dulles Airport after missing a flight to New Orleans.

The article said 20 minuets before take-off, a late-arriving Vitter tried to open the door to the plane's closed gate, setting off the alarm before yelling and pulling the "do-you-know-who-i-am" card with airline personel.

The TSA says it's investigating the matter.

Security checkpoints, making your flight, the anxiety over travel in general...it's enough to push one over the edge, and if it did so for Vitter, is it really that big of a deal?

Political Analyst Jeff Crouere weighs in, "voters don't like to see politicans that act in a pompus way...they don't like politicans throwing their weight around."

Crouere also says the alleged Vitter-tirade doesn't help the Senator's standing or reputation.

He said the embattled Metairie Republican was just beginning to get back on the right political track after enduring a rugged couple of years that included a prostition scandal and crticism over earmarks.

To crouere, this latest bit of publicity only gives his adversaries more fuel and says "Democrats are targeting Vitter. He's got a big target on his back."

ABC 26 put calls out to Vitter's office for a comment and left messages today but got no response.

Vitter did tell the Times Picayune he had a conversation with an airline worker, but that the roll call article made it out to be worse.