"Who Dat" they say is leaving the New Orleans Saints?   #50, Center, Olin Kreutz is.

"You know it's always difficult when you think about it because he's a hall of fame center,"  Coach Sean Payton said.

34-year old, Kreutz, only in his first season as a Saint told coaches he's "lost passion for the game and doesn't want to just collect a paycheck."

"The challenge for all of us is when you feel that the train is slowing down, make no mistake, that happens to every player, every coach, and every owner,"  Payton said.

No offical roster move as to who will replace Kreutz has been made, but Coach Payton's understanding of his decision.

"More than anything it is hard to do what these guys do for four years, much less fourteen years,"  Coach Payton said.

Kreutz started four games for the Saints this season, while battling a knee injury.  Before becoming a Saint, he played for the Chicago Bears for 13 seasons.

While on the Bears he made 6 Pro Bowls.  The Bears declined to re-sign him this off season.

Saints Fan, Darnell Pam said, "You shouldn't lose passion for the sport especially if it's something you do every day.  You should love it."

"You don't just turn around and walk away in the middle of the season,"  Saints fan, David Gilmore said.