Sunday morning, someone jumped onboard a train car in the area of Florida Boulevard and Marshal Foch Street in New Orleans. The conductor of the train was shot and killed. The NOPD says it was a robbery.

A train robbery in New Orleans, like the kind we read about in old west books.

But lately, the city is seeing other criminal elements that were often associated with the old west.

Consider the days of Jessie and Frank James and their running partners, the Younger brothers. In New Orleans, in about a one month perios, police identified at least four groups of brothers wanted on either murder or attempted murder charges.

"There's going to be this bond. And you don't want to possibly give information on a family member. You want to protect each other," says Crimestoppers' Darlene Cusanza. She says her crime fighting group often tries to convince family members to give information on loved ones who cross the criminal line.

Just like during the days of Jessie James, rewards are offered to help land criminals behind bars. Crimestoppers offers rewards in New Orleans upwards of $5,000 for higher profile cases. Cusanza says the money can get results from a family member,"...who is just tired of seeing their loved ones, their teenagers or their young adult loved ones, committing these crimes."