Who dat?! How did it get started and who owns the phrase? ABC26 News reporter Glynn Boyd has the debate.

As a child growing up in Boutte, when I knocked on someone's door, I remember hearing 'Who Dat?' from the person inside. So the phrase has been around for as long as I can remember.

Now the NFL says they own the phrase, and that's not sitting well with some.

The phrase has been uttered for generations: Who Dat? is something your grandmother used to say.For nearly 30 years it's been a popular chant for the Super Bowl-bound New Orleans Saints. So if it's black and gold, likely you'll see Who Dat?!

"Fans created Who Dat," says Fleurty Girl store owner Lauren Thom. "We didn't infringe on anything."

The NFL told Thom to stop producing the Who Dat shirts. In a letter the NFL says it owns the Who Dat phrase.

Folks on the streets will tell you, Who Dat belongs to the people, particularly in south Louisiana.

Patent attorney Raymond Areaux says you can take a phrase and make it yours. That means getting a federal trademark which the NFL says it has on Who Dat!

Late Thursday I received an e-mail from Who Dat, Inc., a company that says they have the rights to Who Dat. Two brothers, native New Orleanians Sal and Steve Monastery, say they produced the original Who Dat song for Aaron Neville in 1983.

In a statement, the brothers say they have state and federal trademarks, and they were the first to obtain them. They're not saying they came up with the phrase, just the first to put it on signs, t-shirts and songs. The brothers say the NFL is stepping on the wrong toes and they deeply regret it.