Two New Orleans area teenagers have been given a second chance at life.

Both had been waiting on life-saving organ transplants, and they got them this week just moments apart.

The 610 stompers are doing what they do best; busting moves and putting smiles on faces in the process.

But this appearance at Children's Hospital has a dual purpose.

It's also to help celebrate two life-saving transplants; kidney transplants for 15-year old Jason, and 16-year old April.

Both had been waiting months; all the while enduring hours of disruptive dialysis treatments.

Their loved ones spent months coping with stress, worrying, and waiting.

"It got really weary and tiresome."

That was until now.

"He's just been doing fantastic."

A Northern Louisiana family gave the gift of life.

One kidney went to April, Sunday the other, to Jason.

His mom remembers the moment they got the news.

"We couldn't believe it. It was like a miracle we were so pleased it was like a big weight lifted off our shoulder and he was on dialysis that night in the hospital," Jonnie LaHatte said. "We looked at the dialysis machine and we were like oh we'll never have to do this, we can go off the machine now."

Dr. Bamgbola says both patients are doing well, and both are making progress.

Medical staffers at Children's Hospital are just as excited as the recipients.

"Both of them had lost their previous kidneys and it looked like another kidney may never come so when these kidneys came it was quite a pleasant surprise for every one of us," Bamgbola said.

"Feeling great," organ recipient Jason LaHatte said.

Jason says he's looking forward to life as a healthy teenager; and the diet that comes with it.

"Pizza, cheese, milk, chocolate, ice cream," Jason LaHatte said.

All things he couldn't eat before.

But thanks to an organ donor he can soon; and for that he and his family are grateful.

"We're so so grateful," Jonnie LaHatte said. "It gives him life, I mean you really literally saved his life by these parents donating their child's organs we are eternally grateful."

Jason and his parents hope to someday meet their donor's family.

In the meantime, they are encouraging others to consider the gift of life – and become organ donors.