Clean-up is underway in St. Bernard parishÂ…. After an early evening storm ripped through the Carolyn park area.

It took a team effort to clean up in St. Bernard Parish what mother nature did in a single blow.

"I think it was a small tornado, yeah," homeowner Barry Sison said.

Repairs to several homes were needed in the Carolyn Park area.

Blue tarp was used to cover roof-tops where strong winds blew off shingles and more.

This home was perhaps hit the hardest.

"There's no water, no gas, no electricity. Nothing," homeowner Mindy Chaplain said.

The work outside only hints at the damage inside.

"There is glass everywhere," Chaplain said.

Mindy Chaplain's bedroom now looks like a war zone.

As always, she made up her bed this morning, only to have it messed up from the outside.

Her double-pane glass window was shattered, spewing chips of glass and her window treatment everywhere.

"I mean the bed's probably full of water and all too, so I probably need a whole new bed," Chaplain said.

Even tinier chips of glass were embedded into her carpet.

"When you clean up glass, you never going to get all of it up," Chaplain said. "I'm sure the carpet needs to be replaced too."

In all, about 13 homes were damaged.

It was parish workers who kicked into high gear to help.

"I'm happy about that because I was thinking I'd have to go to home depot and buy a bunch of wood to cover my holes," Chaplain said.

"Some of the homes had moderate damage so there was a lot to do we helped get in and sweep out the rain that had accumulated in the homes," Parish President David Peralta said.

Barry Sison picked up shingles blown from his roof.

He's convinced the damage was caused by a tornado.

"It was a bad gust of wind, I didn't really witness a circulation motion but I wasn't starring into the sky neither," Sison said.

Power has been restored to all but two homes in the affected area.

There were no reports of injuries related to the storm.