Don't say your New Orleans Saints aren't getting enough national attention.

This week's Sports Illustrated cover, featuring a high-flying, touchdown-scoring Reggie Bush, will be in homes and news stands around the country. But is that a good thing?

Adam Norris, ABC26 News, said, "In 2002 they examined 2,600 covers and found that 37 percent of teams or people on the cover suffered some variety of a jinx, which meant some misfortune or some decline in performance."

Norris also said many in the superstitious sports world believe that by appearing on the nation's most well-known sports magazine featured players or teams somehow jinxed. Even SI's first-ever coverboy back in 1954 fell victim to the curse, when baseball star Eddie Mathews a week later broke his hand.

But for this year's Saints winning machine to breakdown would mean a collapse of a 6-0 dynamo and one of the NFL's odds-on-favorites to play in a Super Bowl. And fans aren't buying it.