8:09PM UPDATE: The 19-year-old man that died was identified by the Orleans Parish Coroner's Office as Lewis Cook.

6:10PM UPDATE: 3-month-old shooting victim London Meyers was shot in the leg, the bullet "went straight through and out," according to her family. She is in stable condition at University Hospital and will be transported to Children's Hospital soon. Her aunt, 21-year-old Rolneisha Meyers, is also in stable condition.

New Orleans Police say the three men involved in the shooting, one of which has died, all had extensive rap sheets with the NOPD:

* The 23-year-old male has prior arrests for illegal use of a firearm (2010), aggravated battery (2010), court capias (2010), public intoxication (2010), illegal possession of narcotics (2009), municipal attachment (2009), possession of marijuana (2008), armed robbery (2007), criminal trespass (2007), possession of marijuana (2006).

Throughout the course of the investigation it was determined by detectives that the 23-year-old male discarded a semi automatic weapon and narcotics from his person.  The weapon and narcotics were located a few feet away from his body.

* The 20-year-old male (deceased) has prior arrests for illegal use of a weapon (2011), gambling (2011), criminal trespass (2010),curfew violation (2008), illegal possession of a firearm (2008), criminal trespass (2008), resisting an officer (2008), illegal carrying of a weapon (2008), accessory to simple burglary (2008), battery (2008), disturbing the peace (2007).

* The 20-year-old male (stable) is currently wanted for (2) municipal warrants and currently on probation for possession of crack cocaine and ectasy until 2014. He has prior arrests for disturbing the peace (2009), illegal possession of narcotics (2008), criminal trespass (2010), resisting arrest (2010), criminal trespass (2010), illegal possession of a firearm (2009), possession of marijuana (2009), possession of crack cocaine (2009).

5:30PM UPDATE: One of the men shot in the Lower Garden District has died, reports WGNO's Sheldon Fox who is still on the scene. Two other men are said by police to be seriously injured and being treated at University Hospital.

2:00PM: New Orleans Police are responding to a quintuple shooting in the River Garden / St. Thomas area that involved an infant victim and brought out Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

A drive-by shooting by a shooter or shooters in a white Cadillac occurred around 1:25, police say.

The car from which the bullets came traveled riverbound on Felicity street just before Chippewa.

A three-month-old baby was hit in the leg and is in good condition at an area hospital. A woman was hit in the foot. Two men are reported to be in critical condition. One man is in stable condition.