On October 10, 2010, officers of the Mandeville Police Dept arrested 51 year old Juan Velasques, 4000 Florida St, Apt #C2, Mandeville. Officers responded to the area to investigate a report of indecent behavior.

After speaking to the 12 year female juvenile victim, officers learned that, earlier this date, Mr Velasques approached the victim, whom he commonly referred to as "his queen". Mr Velasques hugged her, kissing her forehead and running his hand across her breasts as he withdrew, causing her to feel uncomfortable. The victim had been with friends at the time of this incident, all of whom confirmed this report.

Later this same date, Mr Velasques approached he victim again, this time in the presence of her 14 year old sister, calling them "his queen and his princess". Mr Velasques asked the girls of their age before attempting to lure them into his apartment under the guise of needing assistance repairing his computer.

Both of the girls refused the invitation, stating that Mr Velasques made them feel very uncomfortable with the way he looked at them and with the tone of voice he used. The girls then informed their mother of the incident at which time she notified the police. Officers located and arrested Mr Velasques, charging him with Indecent Behavior With a Juvenile, Simple Battery and Failure To Register as a Sex Offender.

Mr Velasques confessed to being in this country illegally, that his country of origin is El Salvador and his criminal history revealed that he has been charged and convicted of Felony 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct with a person Under The Age of 13 in the state of Michigan.

Mr Velasques was reported to the U.S. Dept of Customs and Immigration, who placed a n immigration hold on him. Mr Velasques has been deported once prior to this incident and is currently being held in custody at the St Tammany Parish Jail.