New Orleans leaders have been hosting the President of Honduras. President Porfirio Lobo has been trying to build an international relationship with the city and its universities.

Honduran President Lobo and other leaders in his country got a tour of Homeland Security since New Orleans and Honduras are very familiar with hurricanes and other natural disasters.

"We have a lot of natural disasters in this moment in Honduras with the torrential rains and landslides," Lobo said.

Lobo's other top priority: solidifying bonds with several New Orleans universities and his country. They are entering a memorandum of understanding.

Not only would this memorandum of understanding involve student exchanges between New Orleans and Honduran Universities, it would provide scholarships to Honduran students.

"The interchange, the students, the interchange of the technology and the knowledge and furthermore the scholarship program is very important for Honduran students," Lobo said.

Universities would also be able to send faculty and staff to Honduras to teach them about healthcare and rebuilding public education, lessons learned after Katrina.

"They're very interested in building their education system and obviously we are probably the best learning laboratory in America for building a public education system," said Dr. Scott Cowan, President of Tulane University.

These are bonds that Lobo hopes will continue to grow between the city and his nation. By the way, President Lobo's daughter attends UNO.