Honduras is open for business. That's the message from Honduran leaders who are here in New Orleans this week.

Aline Flores is telling dozens attending an international seminar about the riches of Honduras. She is President of the Tegulcigalpa Chamber of Commerce.

"Honduras is beautiful country, with a lot of opportunities in different sectors to invest, to develop," Flores said.

Flores says the recent visits of Honduras President Porfirio Lobo have opened doors to new business ventures in the United States, starting in New Orleans.

New Orleans knows how important tourism is, that's why Honduras is also here.

"We have everything you could imagine. We have the most complete country in Central America. We have ecology, we have surfing, we have snorkeling, we have scuba diving, and we have colonial cities. We have adventure and nature," said Alexander Hedman, Vice President of the Honduran Chamber of Tourism.

Along with business leaders, Hedman is trying to let New Orleanians know just how beautiful Honduras is as a travel destination with lots of ocean, nature, and Mayan ruins.

And business leaders from the Central American country believe New Orleans is great place to start sending out their message:

"Please welcome to Honduras and help us to make this little country that could the greatest country in Central America.

Honduras is planning a huge international business conference to showcase the country in November. Former president Bill Clinton is scheduled to attend.