September 15th kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with Independence Day celebrations for Central American countries.

Members of the Honduran Consulate proudly placed a wreath near the foot of the statue of Honduran political hero Francisco Morazan. Honduran Consul General Elka Herrera says the 15th of September is a very important patriotic day for her country.

"It's about political independence from Spain and basically the national influence of Spain in our territory," Herrera said.

While patriotism was soaring on Basin Street, celebrating continued at the Honduran Consulate with entertainment and lots of traditional food.

But it's not just Honduras and Mexico celebrating their independence, several Central American nations are celebrating independence...

Mexico's Independence Day is September 16th, and the Mexican Consul in New Orleans is holding a celebration for 200 years of independence.

"This is a very important day for Mexicans and it's the celebration of the independence of Spain but we recognize we are a country under construction, and we are building Mexico every day," said Mexican Consul Andrea Garcia Guerra.

While people from other Central American nations celebrate their countries history, there will be several events in Southeast Louisiana embracing Latino culture during Hispanic Heritage month.