There is a small chance of winning the mega millions top prize, but that is not stopping people from lining up to get tickets.

Like much of the nation, New Orleans is gripped by mega millions fever.

"It's been crazy," store clerk Christine Folsc said. "Everyone wants the mega millions ticket."

The mega jackpot has set a world record is a whopping $540-million dollars, and growing.

"You can't go wrong with that," customer Ryan McCann said.

The lucky ticket holder for Friday's drawing could walk away with a lump-sum payoff of about $390 million after taxes.

Which explains why Christine Folsc's day.

"My fingers are hurting from hitting the machine all day I feel like a wood pecker," Folsc said.

Hopefuls we talked to told us why they just had to take a chance at the prize.

"So maybe I can strike it rich so I can take care of my family for the rest of my life," customer Louie Morales said.

"like everybody else hoping and praying to make a lot of money, retire," customer Steven Mullen said.

Ryan McCann bought 20 tickets today. He plans to buy more later. What would he do?

"I'd have to consult with some people and see what the best options would be," McCann said.

"I think your first phone call is to a tax attorney," John Morgan said.

John Morgan is a financial planner. He agrees with P-Diddy, "More money more problems."

Morgan says 95-percent of big cash winners loose it within five years.

Too much blown on fancy houses, fancy cars; you name it. But he says often times there is not enough thought given to maintaining the newly acquired wealth.

"Often you're dealing with someone who's never had it and with that comes its own unique set of challenges," Morgan said.

A financial planner can help you hold on to your winnings.

But for now folks here are focusing on the fantasy.

"Whoever wins god bless them," Mullen said.

"If nobody wins Friday, think about it, it could be a billion dollars," Folsc said.

If you haven't gotten your Mega Millions ticket, you have until Friday night.

The drawing is at 10pm.