The main line going to the Fourchon Water Tower has been cut in the Leeville area. This cut had water spewing 35 ft. in the air and practically drained the Fourchon Water tower. As of 7:30 p.m. the valves are closed and are no longer leaking.

According to Lafourche Parish Water District there was 25 feet of water in the tank. As of 4:10 p.m. the level was down to 9 feet and steadily dropping. They believe that the Fourchon Water Tower will be drained and that there will be little or no water pressure in Port Fourchon.

Sgt. Dufrene, Harbor Police, says 300,000 gallons of potable water was lost during the first hour. 600-700,000 gallons of potable water lost all together. Dufrene says it will take 12-14 hours to replenish the water supply lost.

This area mostly affects oilfield businesses in the area and they may experience low water pressure during this time.

According to Harbor Police, a worker who says he was told he could cut into the "abandoned" pipe - which apparently wasn't.

Facilities in the area, a mainly industrial area, are being asked to stop filling water tanks or any other unnecessary tanks for fire safety reasons. No homes are said to be threatened, and a boil water advisory has not been put in place.

As soon as word is received that the repair has been made to line the public will be notified.