Entergy helps low-income homeowners in Louisiana winterize

Darian Trotter


October 3, 2012



Some Hammond homeowners are about to get some energy efficient upgrades to their homes.

Entergy has entered into a partnership to winterize homes in low income neighborhoods.

For homeowners Dorothy Williams, and Jenel Ledbetter, cost cutting prayers have been answered.

"Oh I said thank you lord," Williams said.

Their homes are among 25 in Hammond that have been selected to be winterized at no cost to them.

"Make me happy, make me feel better," Ledbetter said.

"We want to do things that will help keep the heat in the winter time, and keep the air conditioning in in the summer time," Fuller Center For Housing Executive Director Tamara Denel said.

The Fuller Center for Housing works to eliminate substandard living conditions.

Just in time for winter, the agency's latest effort is to make selected homes in low income neighborhoods more energy efficient.

A grant from Entergy will pay for caulking around windows, weather stripping around doors, and place blankets around water heaters and air conditioner window units.

"And whatever other energy conservation initiatives that can be performed inside of the home," Entergy representative Eunice Harris said.

Experts from Quad Area Community Action Agency will work with volunteers to complete the project.

"We just love helping people and always looking for a way to lend a helping hand," Quad Area Community Action Agency, Executive Director Wallace Sibley said.

"We'll do diagnostics on the home to find out how leaky the home is with air leaks and cracks in the home," Weatherization Director Robert Payne said. "Once that's determined we'll air seal the home and then we'll check the insulation to see if there's sufficient insulation in the attic. We'll also check the walls to see if there's sufficient insulation in the walls."

"I'm excited that we're going to be able to help some of our citizens to have a better quality of life," 4th District Councilman Lemar Marshall said.

The work could save homeowners 30 to 50 percent on their energy bill.

"I'll go shopping, I'll go shopping, I'll go shopping after this," Williams said.

A large contingent of employees and volunteers will begin the project early Thursday morning.

Entergy Louisiana President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Mohl will be on hand.

The work is only expected to take a few hours; but the benefits will last for years to come.