An Orleans Parish Sheriff's Deputy has been arrested and charged with pulling her service weapon... on her own son.

And police say it happened on a school bus with at least one other student on board.

It was a wild ride to school for one teenager, early Thursday morning.

Cortina Holmes is his mother. She's also an Orleans Parish Sheriff's Deputy now on the other side of the law. "That's a bad situation there," said neighbor Billy Sanders.

Sanders lives on the corner of Indiana and Behrman; where Holmes apparently snapped on her 16-year old son.

"Investigators say Holmes got on the school bus, in uniform," said WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter. "After exchanging heated words with her son, she pulled her service weapon and pointed it at him."

Sanders said, "That's rage!"

"And that's her son? Take him off the bus and beat his behind; don't point a gun at him," said another neighbor.

The school bus was in route to Schaumberg Elementary School when it happened.

Trotter asked neighbors, "What do you think it must have been like for the other kids on board?" Oh Jesus, I can't imagine what they think, they're going to be shot. Lady's going to shoot us I mean," Sanders replied.

The angry mother did finally get off the bus without her son; and the driver did finish the route.

She reported the incident at the school and that's where New Orleans Police stepped in.

Sanders said the driver did the right thing by keeping her cool.

"If she's going to pull a gun on her own kid and want to shoot him, what would she have done to the bus driver if she got aggravated?"

New Orleans police arrested 37-year old Cortina Holmes at the old Methodist Hospital; where she worked security detail for the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office.

A spokes woman released a statement saying, "The Sheriff's Office maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding deputies engaging in conduct unbecoming of an officer or other illegal activities."

Neighbors also expect more from officers of the law.

"They should take her gun, take everything away from her and she should be fired," one neighbor said.

Holmes is a six-year employee of the Sheriff's Office.

She's currently suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation.