St. Bernard Parish sheriff's officials are investigating the discovery of skeleton remains of an unidentified man recovered Saturday, Jan. 23, on an island in the Chandeleur Islands chain in St. Bernard waters, Chief Deputy Sheriff James Pohlmann said.

The cause of death is unknown but the remains apparently had been on the island for a long period of time. No clothing or any form of identification were found, Pohlmann said. The remains will be taken to the Orleans Parish Coroner's Office, he said.

There weren't any obvious signs of trauma to the skull, Pohlmann said. Teeth that were recovered might help identify the man, he said.

There aren't any reports of missing boaters or hunters in St. Bernard, he said, but the Sheriff's Office will contact other law enforcement jurisdictions in surrounding areas.

A sport fisherman reported the discovery to the Coast Guard on Friday, Jan. 22, but the investigation is being handled by the St. Bernard Sheriff's Office because the remains were within St. Bernard Parish, Pohlmann said. The remains were on the north side of the Chandeleur Islands chain, several hours away by boat, and closest to land in Mississippi.

St. Bernard Sheriff's Det. Lt. Raymond Theriot went to the scene to recover the remains on Saturday, Jan. 23, Pohlmann said, with two officers from the state Wildlife and Fisheries Department, Senior Agent Robert Cosse and Sgt. Scott Keller, in a boat supplied by the state agency.