Long before they take their first step, they're stepping into the Who Dat Nation. Volunteers at West Jefferson Medical Center are making sure our newest residents are showing support for the Saints.

Trey Touchard was just born into a family of huge Saints fans, and he's already building a collection of Saints clothes and other Saints baby items.

"He's going to be a Saints fan no matter what. He really doesn't have a choice, the whole family. He's just kind of born into one," said Trey's mother, Ashley Touchard.

Trey's daddy Eugene can't wait to show him the ropes of what it takes to be a fan.

"Teach him players. Show them what they're doing. Explain the little challenge flag that Sean Payton likes to throw all the time, and teach him all about the game," said Trey's father Eugene Touchard.

This joy is what makes it all worth it for Althea Lacour to volunteer at West Jefferson Medical Center to deliver the baby Saints items.

"It's a feeling you have inside that you truly enjoy doing and that's how I feel when I come here. It's just something that's rewarding. They always thank me for helping them but I get a lot of thanks. They help me a lot," Lacour said.

Right down the street from the hospital is where all those little gifts are made with love by volunteers.

Hilda Dufrene is one of the volunteers who makes the Saints bottle aprons.

"Just to make people happy. I love to see people being happy," Dufrene said.

And while many of the crafts volunteers may never meet the families of the newborns they sure spread some saintly sunshine to parents who are already preparing their babies saints wardrobes and costumes before they ever arrive in their nurseries.

The crafts volunteers say they could sure use some more volunteers.