Greg and Gayle Naquin know all about bouncing back from a loss. They used to be married. Now divorced they can still get together for a night out and call it a win. Tonight the former couple hopes the tigers can also regroup after hitting the rocks in the swamp last week after the tigers most embarrassing loss last week against the Florida Gators, 51 to 21, the team must win to keep its national championship dream alive. And Naquin, an LSU Alum, knows it in the booth next to Naquin, sits another LSA Alum, Kristopher Rappold. He says he bleeds purple and gold and says there's no doubt the team will bounce back from last weeks debacle. The tigers face a make or break game. The Carolina gamecocks are coming off of a four game winning streak. Naquin and Rappold both feel that for all intensive purposes, this is the game that will shape the remainder of LSU's future.