Dr Monique Boudreaux has walked through many doors to become a psychologist.  There was UCLA and Harvard, but it was a walk through the doors of a movie theater that led Boudreaux down her career path.

"I was fascinated," Boudreaux says from her office on Nicholls State University's campus where she is an associate professor.

The movie she saw that day was The Silence of the Lambs, and it inspired her to persue a career in criminal psychology.

In the film, the main character, Clarice Starling, is a cadet at the FBI academy.  Boudreaux's career would also take her to the FBI for an internship. 

During her time there, she worked with one of the most respected people in her field -- a man also with a Silence of the Lambs connection.

"Oh, John Douglas," said Boudreaux.

John Douglas is considered to be one of the greatest criminal profilers in FBI history.  In fact, actor Scott Glenn's character was based on Douglas -- whose name also appears in the film's credits.

For Boudreaux, her time studying at the FBI with Douglas was invaluable.

"To have that time to watch him work and to listen to his stories.  They're pretty incredible," she said. 

Boudreaux was also at Douglas' retirement party, and she says her students at Nicholls often want to find out more about what she learned from the FBI's best.  She Tells them it's not about glam, but hard work and determination.

"Fight for what you want.  Fight for your dreams.  If someone tells you no, go find someone else who will tell you yes," she says.