Tonight, state and local Gulf Coast leaders go to Washington and tell congress what they need and want for recovery. Their visit comes on the heels of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Texas wants more 11-billion dollars for ike damages including $16 million for Houston and $2 billion for devastated Galveston. Louisiana leaders want roughly $1 billion to repair damages from Ike and Gustav but today's hearings didn't just center on money talk.

"One of the central focuses of today's hearing is to explain to the American people what happened to the Gulf Coast. How did the federal government responded this time?," says Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. Gulf Leaders were also concerned about the late FEMA supplies to storm ravaged areas and leaders also want the government to revisit the reimbursement process in place for most recovery programs.

Senator David Vitter lashed out at the Army Corps for failing to repair levees in Terrebonne Parish after Katrina, even though the feds gave the corps roughly $30 million for the project two years ago. As a result, the parish experienced its worst flooding in history after Gustav.

"This is a clear example of broken government that has failed its citizens. The fact that red tape and bureaucratic ineptness contributed to parish's flooding in the past month is unconscionable," says Senator Vitter.

The hearings continue tomorrow on capitol hill. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is also expected to tell lawmakers he spent 40-million dollars evacuating the city for Gustav and he says that has led to hiring freezes and the stop of new project spending until those costs are reimbursed.