In a court hearing held today in Lafourche Parish, Judge Ashly Bruce Simpson appointed 30-year old, Jeremiah Wright an attorney.

Wright could not afford an attorney on his own. One of the state's leading public defenders, Kerry Cuccia, Director of Capital Defense Project is representing Wright.


Wright is accused of decapitating and dismembering his disabled 7-year old son, Jori Lirette.  Lirette's decapitated head was discovered by a driver passing by.  The boy's body was later found in a trash bag in front of their Thibodaux home. 

The boy was wheelchair-bound and suffered from cerebral palsy.  Authorities said he also required a feeding tube and wasn't able to speak.

Thibodaux Investigators said Wright admitted to killing his son, and placing the head outside for his live-in girlfriend,  and the boy's mother, Jesslyn Lirette to find when she got home from taking her car to be fixed.  Lirette told officers she planned on making Wright move out of their home.

"We don't base our strategy or assessment on the case by what's been reported by the media or what law enforcement has said. We do independent gathering and make our analysis ourselves," Cuccia said.

Cuccia's appointment doesn't mean prosecutors are sure to seek capital punishment in the case.

"It's far too early to predict what the District Attorney will do.  What I do know is he (Camille Morvant) will make a responsible decison based on all the facts and circumstances,"  Cuccia said.

Police reports released today by the Lafourche Parish clerk's office, show in September of 2004, Jesslyn Lirette claims Wright told her he was tired of seeing the baby suffer and wanted him dead to end the suffering. Jori was only six months old at the time.  Lirette filed two protective restraining orders against Wright, but let the orders lapse, according to documents.

Wright's arraignment is set for September 16th.