A Saints fan is taking to the sky breathing new life into the “Free Sean Payton Campaign.”

The Who-Dat buzzing over Saints headquarters towing a banner that reads, "Free Payton" is commercial airline pilot and New Orleans native Phil Marshall.

Marshall along with his high-tech partner in crime Alex Luhrman rented a plane from a banner towing business at St. Tammany Municipal Airport. "They were calling us 'who-dat 1' this morning."

Marshall says the goal is to 'buzz' the “Free Payton” message over every home and away Saints games, collecting donations to cover each flights $2100 price tag, “As long as we get donations from people we will continue to fly. And that`s a promise. Drew Brees said he was going to help us out.”

To learn more or donate go to: Web – http://freepayton.org
Twitter – http://twitter.com/PaytonAIR
Donate - https://www.wepay.com/donations/free-sean-payton

Expect to see the "Free Payton" banner buzzing high above Friday’s Saints preseason game outside the Superdome's three mile no-fly zone. “Just right now I'm looking at probably over 300 tweets right now regarding our campaign,” says Luhrman.

Marshall's ‘Who Dat’ allegiance is without question, “I went to the first Saints game as a kid. I was there when Dempsey kicked his kick in 1970.”

All Marshall wants is his favorite head football coach back on the sideline. “For him (Payton) to be treated like this by the NFL is absolutely outrageous.”

“Just show us the evidence and we'll stop flying that plane,” says Luhrman.