Two teen girls, a 19-year old and a 16-year old were struck by bullets, Sunday, around 2pm, at Jesse Owens playground in River Ridge.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Deputies said, a gun man opened fire at the playground wounding the two girls and a 19-year old man.

Both teen girls are now listed in stable condition.  The man is recovering and does not have life-threatening injuries.

JPSO deputies are still looking for the suspect and gun used in the shootings.

Criminologist, John Penny, with Southern University At New Orleans said gun fire is not fair. 

WGNO NEWS sat down with Penny to discuss possible motives behind senseless crimes like this one.

Penny said, "When you have people who don't have a conscience, they will hurt other people because they don't have a sense of sensitvity towards others."

He said anger, rejection, and wanting a sense of power are all reasons why someone would try and hurt someone else.

"They don't feel connected to our community.  As a result, they do things that destroy the community and human lives, as well."

Sadly, he said, shootings like this are hard to detect because you never know when or where they will happen.

"The community loses overall.  It threatens and instills fear into the hearts of many people," Penny said.  

Anyone with any information regarding the shootings is asked to call JPSO's homicide division at 504-364-5300.