The St. Tammany Sheriff's Office is asking resident to be on alert after a worker reported a black panther in Covington.

The image was taken from an office building at the intersection of I-12 and Hwy 190 in Covington.

David Milliken, owner of M F Wildlife Control, has been trapping animals for years.

"When you get something in your house, a wild animal, we come and get it."

Milliken says seeing a black panther in the wild is nearly impossible, and believes the image sent out by the sheriff's office is nothing more than a well fed "Kitty cat."

"The shoulder height seemed too short. Looking at the scrub, or undergrowth around it; the measurements don't add up. The tail was too short. Looking at the trees it was smaller than I guess what most people would believe."

Audubon Zoo Curator Rick Dietz also took a look at the picture and says "There are black leopards in the private pet trade and it's certainly possible that one may have gotten loose. All large cats should be considered dangerous especially if stressed or cornered and should not be approached."

Most residents we spoke to in the area of the sighting are skeptical, but some did say they would be on the lookout.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is investigating. In the meantime the sheriff's office asks St. Tammany residents to "Be aware" and "Call the Sheriff's Office if it is seen in close proximity to people, especially small children."