Bad behavior is en vogue now days for men of power.

The scandal of the week?: New York congressman Anthony Weiner, initially lying about then admitting to tweeting images to a young woman, one of several he has fessed up to flirting with on line. It`s got the nation giggling and people like Tulane business professor Ashley Nelson paying attention.

Nance teaches a class on social media branding in the business world. Weiner's debacle is how social media can kill a career, Nelson says.

"If you make a mistake during the process, you fess up to it quickly, you admit you're wrong, you make your apology and hopefully you can start to rebuild your credibility", said Nelson.

Senator David Vitter Weathered the D.C. Madame-infidelity storm, and is one of the more memorable local men of power whose image took a thrashing for bad behavior. Vitter didn't need social media to get in trouble.

Neither did the jailed former state senator Derrick Shepherd, who before going to federal prison on corruption charges, got arrested in 2008 for having a domestic spat with his girlfriend.

Since then Louisiana power players have stayed clear of sex scandals.

But fire up twitter, or turn on the news. Plenty are popping up nationally.

And as far as social media goes, here's how professor Nelson says she'd handle politicians with an itch to Tweet: " If they were my client, I would take it a away from them. I wouldn't let them do it."