Bill Hosokawa, 92, World War II internee became highest-ranking Asian American journalist.

Nov. 10. Norman Mailer, 84. The pugnacious prince of American letters.

Augustus Hawkins, 100. California's first black congressman, elected in 1962.

Laraine Day, 87, actress best known for her roles in "Dr. Kildare" movies.

Nov. 11. Delbert Mann, 87. Directed "Marty," classic lonely-guy teleplay that became Oscar-winning film.

Charlie Brady "C.B." Hauser, 90. College professor who took a stand against segregation in 1947 by refusing to give up a bus seat to a white.

Nov. 12. Ira Levin, 78. Best-selling novelist ("Rosemary's Baby," "The Boys From Brazil").

Nov. 14. Merle Sande, 68, helped turned San Francisco General Hospital into a model AIDS hospital.

Nov. 15. The Rev. John H. Cross Jr., 82. Pastor of church in Birmingham, Ala., where four girls died in a 1963 racist bombing.

Joe Nuxhall, 79. Youngest major leaguer ever at age 15; later a Cincinnati sportscaster.

Nov. 18. Hollis Alpert, 91. Writer co-founded the National Society of Film Critics.

Nov. 19. Milo Radulovich, 81. Serviceman championed by Edward R. Murrow when the military threatened to decommission him during the anti-communist crackdown of the '50s.

Dick Wilson, 91. Played the fussy, mustachioed grocer Mr. Whipple who begged customers, "Please, don't squeeze the Charmin." .

Jim Ringo, 75, NFL Hall of Famer helped Packers win championships.

Nov. 20. Ian Smith, 88. Rhodesia's last white prime minister; his attempts to resist black rule brought isolation and civil war.

Nov. 21. Herbert Saffir, 90. Engineer created the five-category system to describe hurricane strength.

Nov. 22. Col. Jefferson DeBlanc Sr., 86. Marine pilot awarded Medal of Honor for action in the Pacific.

Maurice Bejart, 80. Avant-garde French choreographer.

Nov. 25. Peter Houghton, 68. Longest-living recipient of artificial heart.

Kevin DuBrow, 52. Lead singer of the Los Angeles rock band Quiet Riot. Nov. 26. Silvestre Herrera, 90. Awarded Medal of Honor for a one-man assault on an enemy position during World War II.