Sex Offenders Living in Motels at Taxpayer Expense

Sex Offenders Living in Motels at Taxpayer Expense (

LOS ANGELES -- Registered sex offenders are living at hotels and motels scattered across Southern California, and sometimes taxpayers are picking up the tab for their rooms.

A check of the Megan's Law database found child molesters, rapists, and other sexual predators at various motels, some belonging to national chains.

Example: the Budget Inn in Santa Fe Springs. It is recommended by Triple A.

It has a nice pool... It's convenient to the 5 freeway.

And last month, 11 sex offenders were living here... many of them child molesters. Nearby is the Dynasty Inn, with its pretty fountain.

Four convicted child molesters and a rapist lived here, when we checked in April.

Or... in Orange County, there's the Best Western Anaheim Hills. It was home to 7 registered sex offenders last week, according to the Megan's Law database.

State parole officials say it's perfectly legal, as long as the motels are at least 2000 feet from schools or parks.

"Folks go to prison, and they have to come somewhere," says Maria Franco, a parole administrator with the Department of Corrections.

In some cases, taxpayers are covering the cost of the motel rooms. Franco says the state pays for up to two months of transitional housing for all parolees, even sexual predators.

And the motels are apparently grateful for the money, although it's not something they advertise.

We spoke to a desk clerk at the Dynasty Inn. We asked him if he notifies other guests with children that sex offenders are staying there.

He said his motel rarely has visitors with kids. Then he told our photographer to get out.

Assistant Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer says housing sexual predators in motels is potentially dangerous to other guests. He says prosecutors have complained to the Department of Corrections Parole Division to get them to change the way they house registered sex offenders in the community.