LOS ANGELES -- L.A. County Supervisors honored Deputy Freddy Brown during a special ceremony Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles for his bravery during the Hawaiian Gardens rampage.

An angry young man blasted his way into his ex-girlfriend's house on May 6.

According to reports, he used a high-powered assault rifle on her, her brother, father and mother. The mother survived.

Several others also were in the home, including an infant.

Deputy Brown was on patrol in Hawaiian Gardens at the time and heard the resounding gunblasts. He called for backup and made his way to the house.

Brown says the shooter walked outside and ignored orders to put down his AK-47.

Then the man lifted the assault rifle toward the deputy and that's when Brown fired his weapon, a rifle, twice, taking down the killer.

Investigators identified him as 26-year-old Joseph Mercado.

Reports say Mercado also carried a can of gasoline with him, apparently planning to torch the house.

L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe said that Deputy Brown's bravery and quick, heroic action saved the lives of several people inside the house where the ex-girlfriend lived.

Asked what was going through his mind when the gunman lifted his AK-47 toward him, Deputy Brown told KTLA, "I didn't want to get shot."

And in response to being called a hero, Brown says humbly, "I was just doing my job, doing what I get paid to do and trying to make no mistakes."

The shooting victims are Serena Tarin, 24, her brother Alfredo Tarin Jr., 19, and their father Alfredo Tarin Sr., 53.