The family of a former camper that is suing Kanakuk Kamp is asking a judge for a restraining order against the camp, it’s CEO Joe White and former director Pete Newman. Since appearing in the case, the family says Joe White and the camp have contacted them by mail, telephone and email despite repeated requests to not contact them. The family is suing the camp because they say camp leaders failed to prevent the molestation of their son even though there were warning signs. They are suing under the names John and Jane Doe.

According to the recent court documents, Joe White contacted the family on July 8 despite his attorneys agreeing on June 25 their client would no longer contact the family. The boy’s family says White and his wife sent a package. “Any such contact serves no purpose in regard to this lawsuit,” the boy’s attorney wrote to the judge. “All it does is worsen John Doe I’s emotional and psychological issues and complicate his therapy and family life.”

The boy’s family says at least as early as 1999 White and Kanakuk Ministries knew that while naked Newman was riding four-wheelers at the camp with nude campers, who were minor children who trusted Newman. The family says due to the inappropriate behavior Newman was placed on probation. Around 2003, the family says a nude Newman was streaking through the camp property with nude minor campers. They say even though the conduct came to the attention of White and Kanakuk Ministries, Newman again remained on staff in easy reach of his future victims, including John Doe I.

Newman pleaded guilty to numerous sexual offenses. He is serving two life sentences, plus 30 years. Two families are suing Newman and Kanakuk.

“We are not able to comment on this particular motion, but will address it as part of the legal proceedings. I can tell you that if a family asks to be removed from our distribution lists, we will remove their name from that list,” said Ken Fields a spokesperson for Kanakuk Kamps.