A Houston father and his two twin girls will soon be laid to rest. On Saturday morning the family held a private viewing at a funeral home in South Houston. The two girls died while swimming in the Texas City Dike. Their father tried to save them but he died at the hospital on Thursday.

Hector Suarez spent his final moments in a hospital bed with his family by his side. Linda Lopez believes Suarez left to be with his two twin girls, 9 year old Alexandra and Samantha.

"They didn't want to let him go they needed him," said Linda Lopez.

The girls drowned last weekend at the Texas City Dike. Suarez tried to save them but he ended up at in a hospital fighting for his life.

"He just didn't respond anymore," said Lopez. "He went on his own."

To make matters worse for the family, the Suarez home was broken into by thieves just a day before hector died. His wife, still suffering from the loss of her two daughters, saw her home trashed.

"She has been at the hospital non-stop since the incident only to find out she couldn't even open the door to her home because they put the couch in the way," said Lopez.

Every electronic in the home was gone, the thieves even took Hector's work boots.

"God is going to punish them worse than the police will ever," said Lopez.

Through the whole ordeal, the family says Hector's wife has been standing strong. She's expecting a baby and was hoping to surprise the family about her pregnancy in November.

"The pain is unbearable but she is showing the rest of us mothers we have something to look forward to," said Lopez.

On Saturday evening the family prayed together at a private viewing for Hector, Alexandra and Samantha.

"They look like angels they truly do," said Lopez.

Both girls and their father will finally be laid to rest on Monday. Lopez says this tragedy has drawn everyone closer and hope others realize how precious their loved ones really are before its too late.

"Love each other," said Lopez. "Because at the end of the day all you have is your loved ones."