Its week 5 in the NFL, but week 1 when it comes to the Texans new tailgating policy. From now on only people with a ticket to the game or a tailgating pass are allowed to party on Reliant property.

" If you have a season ticket come out and enjoy the game, if not watch it home," tailgater Robyn Jackson said.

" I don't think the new rules are fair, to put a limit on how much people we can bring in just doesn't seem like the right thing to do," Jose Quintana said.

Mixed reactions on the first Sunday of the new tailgating rules, fans now that try to get on reliant property will have to have a ticket. There are even Texans tailgate ambassador's, checking to see if everyone is cleared to tailgate. But its fans like Jose Quintana that think, this new policy is ruining something that's Houston is known for.

" We're supposed to have the number one tailgate in the NFL, now look at us, there's hardly anybody out here," Quintana said.

But the Texans organization doesn't want it to get like it did two weeks ago with fights in the parking lots, following the Cowboys game.

" The last game experience was just too rowdy, and crowded and people were out of hand there was a lot of rude fans there, a lot of drunk people," Robyn Jackson said.

While the Cowboys game was like no other, over 20,000 people not going to the game, just in the parking lots tailgating. For the remaining five home games, some hope the new guidelines loosen up just a little.

" I do think it's a little of an over reaction because i think 95% of the people out here are having a good time and tailgating, and 4-5% are out here to try to blow off some steam the wrong way," fan Mike Heather said.