A radio DJ gave an amazing New Year's gift to kids who need it most this time of year, running 500 miles across Texas to raise money for Texas Children's Center.

Starting in Dallas, New93Q DJ Kevin Kline ran through the hills of Austin, south to San Antonio and finally back to Houston. While it would take all day to drive that distance in a car, Kline ran it in just 13 days to raise awareness and money for a cause close to his heart.

The last few steps were the most emotional as a tearful Kline greeted the kids he loves to help. With a slap of his hand on the door of the Texas Children's Cancer Center, Kline ended a 500 mile run to help kids fight cancer.

"All they want to do is live," Kline said of the child cancer patients. "When I was their age I had a much different outlook on life. I was completely healthy. This is my way of showing them I support them."

That support translates to big smiles from brave little boys and girls.

"Kevin has just helped me, you know, get through the hard stuff. He's amazing. That's all I can say, he's amazing," said Emily Freeman, a cancer patient.

Kline's amazing journey almost came to an end on Christmas Day. But he pushed through.

"I had a cold that day, I had gastrointestinal problems that day and my ankles were swollen to the size of baseballs," said Kline. "The last thing I wanted to do is run, kind of like the last thing pediatric cancer patients want to do is take another round of chemo but to preserve their life and extend it they have to. To honor the kids I was running for I had to run."

This 500 mile run started in a very stationary way when a young cancer patient named Chelsey turned 16 on the16th floor of the cancer center and said she wanted this run to come true.

"It just keeps her alive and makes her dream come true," said Chelsey's mom Sandy Campbell. "Plus maybe they'll find a cure."

Chelsey passed away in 2006 but now her dream will live forever.

Kline said his team didn't know how much they'd raised by the end of the run. However, the goal is $500,000. All proceeds will go to pediatric cancer research and treatment.