A Pasadena woman considers herself lucky after fleeing Monday from an assault. The woman, who wishes to keep her identity secret, was attacked by a Hispanic male in broad daylight near the EdenRock apartment complex at 1911 Southmore. The woman immediately started yelling, and broke free from the man's hold.

"I get bothered quite a bit, and at first I didn't think anything of it," the woman said. "I'm still shaken up."

The man, described by the Pasadena Police Department as between 5'2"-5'6" in height and between 170-190 lbs., was driving a Ford pickup truck and asked the victim if she wanted a ride. She declined, and the man continued to follow her before the attack. She was unharmed.

"This person, we believe, is pretty dangerous," said Lt. Al Espinosa. "This is the middle of the day. We don't know his true motives."

Residents of the apartment complex tell 39 News this sort of incident occurs in the area once every two months or so.

"It ain't safe around here for a lot of people," said one resident. "We have a lot of stuff that goes on around here."