Two paintings belonging to a local artist were stolen from an art gallery in Friendswood, and now she wants them back -- no questions asked.

They may not be the Mona Lisa, but to Fontaine Jacobs they are priceless.

"It's a means of self expression," Jacobs said. "It's a part of me."

Jacobs is a graphic designer from Friendswood, but her first love is painting. She is a self-taught artist and has received awards across the country. Her last two pieces were displayed at Mélange Gallery on W. Parkwood Ave. in Friendswood.

The gallery is a hallway in a salon. Priscilla Menchaca and her husband own the salon and allow artists like Jacobs to use the space to sell their work.

On Sept. 26, Jacobs walked into the gallery hoping to pick up her paintings for a competition in Galveston. To her surprise, both pieces had been ripped off the wall.

"I guess it's a compliment; [a] back-handed compliment," Jacobs said.

Menchaca said in the fours years she has owned the building, no one has ever stolen a painting.

"[Jacobs'] pieces were hung up high. Someone went out of their way to grab them," Menchaca said.

Jacobs said it is most disheartening to know the thief had no regard for her hard work. Each piece took about a month and a half to paint. Jacobs and Menchaca hope whoever took the paintings will kindly return them.

"No questions asked," Jacobs said. "[Just] return the paintings."

Each painting was for sale for about $900. Jacobs tried to get her other paintings insured, but she found out it is not possible to do so. Unless a painting is sold, it has no value.