A New York filmmaker is promoting his "true crime" documentary in Houston. In 1990, two killers stormed a bowling alley in Las Cruces, New Mexico and shot seven people execution style. 20 years later the case is still unsolved.

39 News learned more about this filmmaker spreading the word in the Lone Star State.

"A Nightmare In Las Cruces" has been shown in El Paso and now Bryan-College Station, Texas.

"This film is an emotional wallop," Minn said. "People are going to be moved and stirred."

Filmmaker Charlie Minn is doing what he can to bring this film to Houston in hopes that someone may know something about this cold case.

"It's the worst crime in New Mexico history," said Minn. "Four out of the seven people shot that day were children. Ages 2, 6, 12 and 13. And when a 2-year-old gets shot in the forehead, I mean, that's beyond comprehension."

Minn's film is getting national attention. America's Most Wanted recently profiled this documentary.

"The more people who watch it; there's a better chance that somebody will have the guts to come forward to help solve this devastating case. So while it's playing in Bryan now, Bryan's only 90 miles from here - why not try to bring it to Houston?" Minn said.

The two men who committed, what Minn describes, the "worst crime in New Mexico history."

There is a local connection for those trying to solve this case. The sketches of the suspects were created by Houston artist Louis Gibson in 1990. According to Minn, Gibson updated the sketches in 2004.

Minn should know very soon if his film will land into a Houston theater.

"The killers could be hiding out anywhere. I mean, who's to say they're not right here in Harris County," said Minn. "So that's why I'm in Houston."

When asked about the pain these families have dealt with over the years, Minn paused, and said words can't describe their emotions.

"My heart goes out to the victims' families. There's not a day where I don't think about the pain and suffering that they have to go through."

"A Nightmare In Las Cruces" may be coming to a theater near you very soon.

"It's been playing in other parts of Texas, so why not bring it to Harris County?"

For more information on the documentary, log onto www.bowlingmassacre.com