Father's Day wouldn't be complete without some just for Dad news. This story will make some men think twice about their health. Women are not the only ones who suffer from menopause - so can guys.

39 News did some research about male menopause and its effects.

British researchers released some interesting news about male menopause. They've determined about two-percent of males between 40-80 years-old suffer from this condition. And according to USA Today, it's less than British researchers thought.

"The reason that we don't see so much of this in men is because the male menopause, or andropause, comes on much later in life for men than it does in women," said Dr. Stanley J. Zimmerman, who specializes in internal medicine and endocrinology at The Zimmerman Medical Clinic in Houston.

Men can suffer from similar symptoms females go through during menopause like depression, hot flashes and a decrease in strength.

"One of the reasons that I guess we don't deal with it as much is because of the mortality rate," said Dr. Zimmerman.

Low testosterone, lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction are associated with male menopause.

"The causes for erectile dysfunction are much more numerous in other areas than they are with male menopause," said Dr. Zimmerman.

A lack of production of androgen can lead to male menopause. Since testosterone levels decline in a much slower process for guys, what are the dangers of suffering from male menopause?

"Building blocks for bones; maintaining bones; maintaining muscle strength; giving you a sense of well-being; those are some of the things that can definitely happen," said Dr. Zimmerman.

The good news is that there are testosterone replacement therapy treatments available.

"There are patches; there are gels that can be applied," said Dr. Zimmerman. "There's injections that can be used. So we have a variety of means of treating it."

But men have to be careful when receiving treatment because of the prostate gland. Testosterone tends to stimulate prostate cancer.

"One has to be absolutely sure before you start a patient on testosterone that they do not have evidence of prostate cancer," said Dr. Zimmerman.

So fella's ... if you're a little worried that you may suffer from male menopause?

"Always see your physician. We have means of determining the cause of symptoms," said Dr. Zimmerman.

"Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there."