A funnel cloud turned tornado hits Galveston Beach just a short distance from the old Flagship Hotel.

No one was killed, but at least three people were reportedly injured.

The tornado ripped the roof off a beachfront store.

The "Dolphin World" store has survived several hurricanes including Hurricane Ike, according to owner Shlomo "Money" Hamo. It didn't survive this time. Hamo says repairs will take months.

"You're talking about a few months, three, four or maybe more. I've got six buildings and I know what it takes," Hamo told 39 News.

Hurricane safety glass was not match for the tornado. Glass spread across the floor and it was mixed with merchandise, and insulation from the roof.

Some of the merchandise went out through the roof according to Hamo.

"It just sucked everything out of the building in a second."

No one was killed because Hamo had closed his store early. Business was slow on Sunday night. Forty-five minutes later a waterspout turned tornado made a direct hit on this store, and the homes behind it.

There was a two-story home behind Hamo's store. Now there is nothing left by debris to clean up. It was picked up and moved about twenty feet away. The owner, James Murphy, just barely made it out alive.

"I was inside at the time and by the time the tornado came through I got out and ran to my cousin's house."

Murphy realizes that it could have been a deadly situation, but says it just wasn't his time to die.

"It's up to the good Lord. When it's my time I can't run."

Many people witnessed what happened here last night, and it was so unbelievable that they returned today to get another look.

"As I'm driving down 30th Street that's when all the debris started flying up, said witness and Galveston resident Curtis Martin.

"Transformers were blowing. So I'm blaring down on the horn because I couldn't see anything, and if someone was in my way I didn't want to hit them, Martin said.

The twister lost strength after traveling about 4 blocks from the water.