Texas State Senator Mario Gallegos is publicly attacking HISD Superintendent Terry Grier.

Gallegos said he's been scrutinizing Grier's record at other districts over the past few weeks and doesn't like what he's found.

Much of the criticism surrounds Grier's time at San Diego, that's where Grier came from before HISD. San Diego's school board recently voted to completely scrap Grier's organizational system of school improvement officers, in favor of going back to the old system that will save them about $2 million.

"This school district goes before my committee and asks for money," said Senator Gallegos, who sits on the state education committee. "How can I give money after seeing the track record that Terry Grier has had in the past districts he's represented?"

Gallegos said Grier's time in North Carolina's Guilford County saw black and Hispanic graduation rates drop an average of 12.5 percent.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, Grier's system for evaluating and punishing teachers greatly fragmented his support. It was the same system he's now using in Houston.

"The drop in morale, the counterproductive conflict, the needless conflict, that has been characterizing Superintendent Grier's tenure," said San Diego teachers union President Camille Zombro, upon news that Grier was leaving San Diego.

Gallegos said Grier brought his tumultuous nature to Houston.

"I've never seen moral as low as I've seen it now," said Gallegos of HISD. "Divided board, no public input what so ever."

But HISD School Board President Greg Meyers said the board remains supportive of Grier.

"He's been very open in letting us know what the plans are, and he listens," said Meyers.

Not all Grier's past colleagues have been critical. Some praised him when he left San Diego.

"Dr. Grier has provided positive leadership in our district during the last 18 months and we have made progress of our students during this time," said San Diego School Board President Sheila Jackson when Grier left.

Meanwhile, Gallegos said San Diego's scrapping of Grier's policies should speak for itself.

"It's mindboggling to me why Houstonian taxpayers of HISD should pay for a failed program in San Diego that he's implementing here," said the senator.

HISD said it has no response to Senator Gallegos' criticism. Meanwhile, Dr. Grier was in Washington, D.C. Thursday, and attempts to contact him were unsuccessful.